Trying to learn Vietnamese

Last November, I started to learn Vietnamese. I wanted to try a language that relatively few people in Japan could speak.
Vietnamese is difficult for me because there are some different alphabets and different pronunciation systems from English. And I’m having a hard time understanding grammar. Right now, my brain is mixing.
But I want to talk in Vietnamese someday! Maybe I can try to order in Vietnamese at the Vietnamese restaurant in Japan.

These photos are the Pho specialty restaurant in Tokyo “Phở Thìn Tokyo.” Pho is one of the Vietnamese dishes: rice flour noodles with a hot, mild broth, and there are stewed beef, spring onions, and coriander on the noodles. It’s delicious! I love it!
Unfortunately, they adopted a meal ticket instead of ordering at the table, and the staffs are Japanese. Well, I’ll keep trying!

Một lúc nào đó, tôi muốn ăn phở bò ở Việt Nam!

Phở bò
The entrance of the restaurant
Narrow street near the restaurant. Looks interesting!