Spring has come in the coffee cup

Do you like coffee? I do!
Every morning I have coffee; it’s part of my routine.

When I use a drip bag of coffee, I prefer to use the one of Ogawa Coffee. Ogawa Coffee is one of the coffee makers in Japan. Its coffee has a delicious roasted bean aroma and tastes good!
Usually, I use this “coffee shop blend,” which I can buy at my nearby supermarket anytime. But also Ogawa coffee has seasonal blend coffee. Now there is Spring version coffee. It uses lightly roasted beans. The aroma is gorgeous and tastes mild. It makes me feel “spring has come!”

When you visit Japan, it’s nice to try a cup of coffee at a coffee shop in the city, but also it’s fun to buy these drip bag coffee to try or for souvenirs!

The photos below are what I usually do.