Let’s enjoy Soba in Tokyo!

Soba, buckwheat noodles, is one of the typical Japanese noodles. I recommend you to try it. Of course, if you are not allergic to buckwheat.

This soba restaurant Kanda Matsuya is my favorite. It opened in 1884. And
this building was built in 1926; over 90 years old! This good old Japanese architecture makes me feel nostalgic.
Inside is also very Japanese, but they have tables and chairs. So, the good thing is we don’t need to take off our shoes:). Maybe it’s because soba is Japanese fast food. Usually, soba serves quickly, then people have it quickly and go.

soba chef is making soba

At this restaurant, they provide you fresh-made soba. The soba chef makes soba at the restaurant! So, we can see the chef making it!

If you want to enjoy the taste of soba itself, then I recommend ordering Mori-soba, the most simple style of soba dish. Both soba noodle and dipping sauce are cold, but it doesn’t mean it’s raw. Noodles are cooled down after boil, and the dipping sauce is cooled down after made.
When you eat Mori-soba, dip the noodle in the sauce each time you eat.

After enjoying soba noodles, add Soba-yu, the hot water that used to boil noodles, into the dipping sauce. It becomes like soy sauce flavor soup. It’s tasty! Have that soup, then finish!

Mori-soba (noodles comes with dipping sauce and chopped spring onion)

If you get interested in this soba restaurant, let’s go with me when you come to Tokyo! I love to introduce this restaurant to you!

soba chef is making soba