Udon noodles!

If you visit Japan, you will enjoy some noodle dishes. Maybe one of your choices will be udon.
Udon noodles are made from wheat flour, served in hot or cold broth, or eaten after being dipped in a cold sauce.

There are many udon noodles shops around Japan, but also Japanese prepare udon dishes at home. We buy dry, frozen, or raw udon noodles at a supermarket and boil them. Usually, noodles look like those at the udon restaurant. But take a look at this picture below. This is a very, very, very, very wide udon noodle! I can say there is a “sheet” of Udon noodle in the bowl.

wide udon noodles are almost the same width of bowl

These wide udon noodles are local noodle dishes of Kounosu city, Saitama prefecture. Kounosu city is about a 1hour train ride from Tokyo station.
This Udon noodle is expressing one of the features of Kounosu city.
The river calls Arakawa river pass through some Saitama prefecture cities, including Konosu City. Then passes Tokyo and finally flows into the Pacific Ocean. The river has the widest river width (distance between embankments on both banks) in Kounosu city.
So this wide udon noodle represents the widest river width.

dried wide udon noodles
a sheet of udon noodle

Anyway, about the taste? It’s tastes just like udon!
The appearance is much attractive than taste.
If you want to try it? You can have it at Kounosu city, and also they have dried wide udon noodles, so you can bring it back to your home and enjoy it with your family and friends!

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