Roppongi Hills, enjoy grate view & museum!

Roppongi Hills is a high scraper containing luxury fashion brands stores and has a good museum and observation deck.

public art Maman by Louise Bourgeois at Roppongi Hills

The museum Mori Art Museum did many contemporary art exhibitions. If you prefer to enjoy modern or contemporary arts, this museum will be one of your ideal places.

I took these photos at this museum. The exhibition STARS are now going on until January 3rd, 2021. We can see six contemporary artist’s artworks. Some artist displays their artworks at Naoshima island, the island of art in western Japan.

After enjoying artworks, I recommend visiting the rooftop observation deck. You can see a 360° view of Tokyo from a high building with a clear blue sky in the daytime. It’s so refreshing! Also, the early evening might be lovely, too.

Tokyo Tower view

The view from the Roppongi Hills’ rooftop