Kabuki for a workout?

Have you ever heard the word Kabuki?

Kabuki is one of the Japanese traditional dramatic art developed in the 17th century. The roles are all played by male actors; they put on exaggerated makeups. And costumes are kimono, but gorgeous and elaborated. Especially some female roles costumes are breathtakingly beautiful!

Kabuki makeup design on facial treatment mask

But why kabuki can be a workout?

During the play, the actors make the eye-catching action depends on the story; it makes the audiences excited. Their motion looks easy, but once you try it, you will know it’s surprisingly hard. I can say it is muscle training.

Kabuki actor Hashigo Nakamura and Dr. Kagemoto Yuasa, a professor of Chukyo University’s Faculty of Physical Education and a doctor of medicine, proposes an exercise program that incorporates the movement of kabuki to build up your physical strength. That exercise calls “Kabuki Narikiri Taiso” (Look-Like-a-Kabuki-Actor Exercise).

In this video, Hashigo Nakamura funnily introduce that workout πŸ™‚ He shot it in one of the oldest amusement parks in Japan.

If you want to know more about him, he did a kabuki workshop in English last month; you can get more information about him from that event information page. Or check his blog, it is in Japanese.