Contemporary artwork in Ootemachi, Tokyo

Most of the cities have outdoor artworks. Of course, Tokyo has a lot.
We can see two contemporary art pieces near the Tokyo station.

Alexander Liberman designed this orange structure. The title is “Iliad Japan.” It uses steel tubes.

“Sundial, 2018” by Hiroshi Sugimoto

And this needle-like art piece is located near the first one. Hiroshi Sugimoto designed it; the title is “Sundial, 2018.”

nameplate of “Sundial, 2018”

Its’ nameplate has mathematic formulas of cubic function to show this work represents these formulas three-dimensionally.
Can you understand these formulas? Umm, I can’t. I’m not good at math.
The other place in Tokyo has the upside-down version. Fun to explore contemporary art in the city:)