Hot spring bath in central Tokyo

Onsen is a hot spring bath in Japanese, usually located near volcanos. But in central Tokyo, there are some Onsens; even there are no volcanos.

The photo above is one of the Onsen or a spa. It’s about a ten minutes walk from Tokyo station. How come they can have a natural hot spring in the metropolitan area?
Well, there is a hot spring source underground!

Tokyo’s island area has active volcanos. It is said to be these volcanos affect to hot spring. However, the heat source is not close, so the water is nearly room temperature. Therefore we need to heat up to a comfortable temperature.

When you get to soak in the hot spring bath in Tokyo, you would be surprised the water is a bit salty. That’s because from ancient times to about 400 years ago, part of Tokyo was undersea. This sodium plays an important role; it is useful for warming and moisturizes the body.

If you have a chance to enjoy Onsen, I recommend you to try it! It will make you relax during your days in Japan.