The beauty of Japanese packaging

Some packaging is like an art.
These are wrapping paper and box of traditional craftwork in Takayama.
I bought a bento box, lunch box, and it came with them.

the wrapping paper

The photo above is a wrapping paper. It has a woodblock print image of a bamboo grass pattern with the shop’s name on the middle-upper part and craft work’s name, shunkei-nuri, on the bottom left, both with brush writing.
The composition of this wrapping paper is interesting. The bamboo grass pattern is cut in the three pieces. And the shop’s name comes in the middle. But we can feel all the bamboo grass patterns are connecting. Also, the shop’s name and craft work’s name perfectly fits in it like a part of the woodblock print.

Next photo is the box seen from above. It seems like a plane white box.

the box seen from above

But when you see it from a different angle, you can find it’s not just a plane box.

The box has plum and cherry blossoms print!
We can enjoy both contents and outside of the box!

By the way, the lunch box I bought is this. Red oval shape bento box. Made of wood and beautifully lacquered. I can’t wait to use it!