Pokemon? No, Kasapon!

In Japan, when it’s raining we use an umbrella or raincoat, but it’s annoying to carry extra luggage.  Therefore, most people prefer to go out on fine days. 

However, there are some interesting things only available on rainy days.  Take a look at these videos.

1. “Kasapon”, not Pokemon

This is called “Kasapon”.  It’s not a friend of Pikachu in Pokemon world.
This is a great Japanese invention.  You can put on an umbrella bag without getting your hands wet.  It also helps to prevent the floor get wet and slippery.  It’s a very common scenery in Japan.  Usually, it installed at the entrance of facilities, such as shops and hotels.  I took this video in front of a shopping mall.

2. Umbrella Bag Collection

If you put on an umbrella bag, then you need to take off.  This helps you to take it off easily!
Why don’t you try them in Japan where it invented!