Outer Metropolitan Area Drainage Channel “G-Cans” tour (6hours)

The Outer Metropolitan Area Drainage Channel, well known as “Underground Temple” or “G-Cans,” is one of the world’s largest drainage channels.
This tour will visit the Underground Temple and Vertical Hole.
It is located in Saitama Prefecture, next to Tokyo Prefecture. So, we will use trains and other public transportation to get there. It takes about 1 hour and a half for one way. After the Outer Metropolitan Area Drainage Channel, we will come back to Tokyo.


Participation conditions for tours
●The tour of the Underground Temple is limited to those who can walk about 160 steps on their own. (There is no elevator and escalator.)
●For safety reasons, children under 6 years old cannot participate even if accompanied by an adult. Participants under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult (up to 5 children per adult).

Conditions for holding tours
●Due to the COVID-19, the part of the tour may be canceled or changed. Even in that case, there will be no change in price or refund.
●The tour may be canceled or changed, or the number of people may be limited without notice due to work circumstances, construction, weather, etc. Even in that case, there will be no change in price or refund.
●At the time of facility operation and preparation for facility operation, the tour contents may be changed from the viewpoint of safety, such as limitation of the tour possible range in the pressure control tank. However, even in that case, there will be no change in price or refund.
●After the inflow of flood, the facility will be operated for several days by draining residual water. Even if it is sunny on the day of the tour, the range of tours may be limited, such as not being able to visit the pressure regulating the water tank (underground) or being able to visit the gas turbine section of the pump.

Clothes and footwear
●Underground Temple will be about 16 degrees Celsius even in midsummer. Please bring a light jacket with you if you need it.
●Since the floor inside the Underground Temple is slippery and has a mesh structure, athletic shoes are recommended.

Itinerary idea

TimePlace or What we do
7:30am  Meet at your hotel
8:00am  Take train
9:15amArrive at the nearest train station from G-Cans
9:45pmUse public transportation to G-Cans
10:00amG-Cans tour (about an hour)
11:45amBack to the train station
1:30pmArrive at Tokyo / End of the tour

Tour fee

Check tour fee >>> Tour Fee – Outer Tokyo & Surrounding Cities

Included & Not Included

 ・Guide fee
 ・Hotel pick up fee (limited in Tokyo 23 wards)
Not Included
 ・Transportation fee
 ・Admission fee
 ・Meals and drinks

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