Japanese Sake Ice Cream “SAKEICE”

Eat Sake!

Do you know “Sake”?
It’s Japanese rice wine. Usually, we drink it, but now we can eat it!

Front of the ice cream shop

The ice cream shop “SAKEICE” is specialized in Japanese rice wine ice cream.
They have Japanese sake ice creams, alcoholic ice creams, and other alcohol-free ones.
I tried two sake ice creams, Hakkai-san (八海山)  and Otoko-yama (男山).  Both are lightly flavor of vanilla with the aroma of sake. Of course, you can feel the taste of sake but it’s not heavy.  Even if you don’t prefer to drink Sake, this is easy to eat. But don’t eat too much!  It’s still alcohol! (alcohol content is 4%.)

many flavors and ice cream cups

Not only alcoholic ice creams, but they also have non-alcoholic ice creams.  Such as matcha, vanilla, mango, cassis, and so on!
Also, they have limited editions!

The shop is along the street

The shop is located in the Asakusa area, near the must-see sightseeing spot Sensoji temple.
After visiting the famous temple, why don’t we walk around small streets! It’s fun!